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Don’t look up

We are in heaven now. Because the earth is a spaceship. And the sky is space.
We've been barbarians since the playground. We are toxic we contaminate everything! This world is just hell and the people are on the one hand the tormented beings and on the other hand the devils in it. Life is nothing more than a journey from the maternity ward to the crematorium. Live? It doesn't really make sense. It's not going anywhere. That is, it has no destination where it should arrive.
We are a "fault" of creation. Mental and emotional decline.

People have always tried to make life easier with various developments and this will continue to be the case in the future. Technology will bring man ever further forward, the end can actually only be sealed by mankind eradicating itself because of this technology.

There are certain areas that will be overshadowed because they are simply no longer needed, so you can already see a trend that is increasingly based on technology.

We are in heaven now. Because the earth is a spaceship. And the sky is space
It is true what philosophy says, that life must be understood backwards. But that forgets the other sentence that it has to be lived forward.

There really is nothing radically wrong with being ill beyond dying. Who said you should survive?

By Heinz Duthel

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