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The Day After Tomorrow – Or the Eve of Our Future

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Gas stations ration the delivery, airplanes remain at the ground and dwellings coldly – the world economy collapses, the whole planet turn out from the joints.Civilization as we know it is coming to an end soon.

This is not the wacky proclamation of a doomsday cult, apocalypse bible prophecy sect, or conspiracy theory society. Rather, it is the scientific conclusion of the best-paid, most widely respected geologists, physicists, and investment bankers in the world.

These are rational, professional, conservative individuals who are absolutely terrified by a phenomenon known as global „Peak Oil.““Are We ‚Running Out‘? I Thought There Was 40 Years of the Stuff Left“Oil will not just „run out“ because all oil production follows a bell curve.

This is true whether we’re talking about an individual field, a country, or on the planet as a whole.

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